Two bikeE's to go! (bikeE seat back mod & rack install)

When I recently bought two new bikeE CT's to use for our vacation trip this summer, the first thing I noticed was the seat back seemed to be too close to the seat bottom; I kept sliding towards the front edge of the seat. The "Comfort Seat" really wasn't that comfortable. To fix it, I decided to separate the two seat parts, to allow about an inch between them. With my first attempt, the seat back would slide further towards the back of the bike, any time I put much pressure on it. I added a small "link plate" to lock the seat back to the seat base, & Voila! problem solved, seat feels much better!

If you would like to modify your bikeE comfort seat, you will need some parts. The only "unusual" parts are the seat sliders; you will need two of them. Everything else can be bought at your local hardware store. This link to Easy Street Recumbents will get you to a source for the seat sliders, for $2.50 each. They still have a few left, but I wouldn't wait too long... They are also a great resource for other bikeE parts. I have also recently seen the sliders at this link, Why Tool e, another interesting source for BikeE accessories.

Be sure to check the rear rack installation pictures at the end of this page!

Parts List



Quick Sketch - Brass (or stainless steel) Bracket

Check the width measurement with YOUR seat back!
The bracket has to fit inside the bottom channel on the seat back.
You may have to round out the hole a little if the phillip screw holding the seat slider in place doesn't seat far enough in to allow the brass bracket to fit into the seat back bottom channel. The top holes in the brass bracket have to line up with the holes in the bottom channel of the seat back, so that the quick release bolt can fit through the entire assembly.



Enjoy your new, "really comfortable" comfort seat.

Rear Rack Installation

Here's another change I made, using a $15 rack from "Target". This rack works well
because of its flat mounting plate at the front. I used two 6"x3/4" mending plates for
the rack bottom and a bikeE accessory adapter for the top (you could also just use
the existing hole in the bikeE frame to bolt the rack in place at the top). I've used
it to carry 2 full sacks of groceries in panniers (over 30 pounds) with no problems.

Here's a close-up. If you carry a lot of weight, you may want to add a diagonal brace
attached to the plate and the rack leg, instead of the pedal reflectors. Be sure that you
use lock washers & "loc-tite" on all the bolts and check for tightness frequently.
Note that this mounting method DOES place most of the weight pretty far back...

If you have time, check this link to my home built recumbent tandem, "Silk Road"

Disclaimer - I did these mods to my bikeE, they work for me, you get to choose what you do with your bikeE.

Questions? Comments? e-mail me at: TLC